About Us

Michael Chiang Playthings Ltd is a non-profit company set up to mount original Singaporean productions – from stage plays and musicals to arts-themed events.

The company’s vision is to make the arts accessible by creating content that is fresh, relevant and relatable. In keeping to the spirit and tradition of the popular playwright’s best-known works – like Army Daze and Beauty World – the company aims to develop home-grown content that helps grow the audience base.

With a commitment to assembling top-notch talents from the creative and acting community, Michael Chiang Playthings Ltd hopes to continually raise the bar with each production. As the playwright has a track record of highly successful plays in a career spanning three decades, the company is confident of attracting top talents from Singapore and the region for its projects.

The end goal is to get more people to enjoy, appreciate and value Singapore writing by producing high quality shows.